Want to know how to get the best branding images?

Want to know how to get the best branding images?

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with clients on their image in the lead up to personal branding or business branding photoshoot sessions, public speaking events, or attending business networking events, and I’ve notice that there are some very similar questions that get asked.

No matter what your event is, if you are representing your business you should be showing up looking self-assured, well groomed and confident. As they say “dress for the business you want to have” and that goes for your makeup and hairstyling too.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be over-the-top full glam all the time (unless that is your preferred style), but what it does mean is that you should put some though into your personal brand because, let’s face it, people DO judge us on the way that we look (even though they really shouldn’t).

Some of the questions that pop up time and time again are

What should I wear?

Find outfits in your wardrobe that you love to wear, and that you feel amazing in. Confidence is key.

Pull out every item that you have in your brand colors, or that will complement your brand colors. Put together a few different outfits using these as key pieces.

Having different options for outfits means that you’ll be able to create a variety of images that can used across your different social media channels, your website and your printed material.

Most photographers  will recommend that you wear block colours and that you accessorise with scarves, earrings, jackets etc. You can add and subtract accessories for different looks throughout your shoot. Try to avoid wearing tiny stripes or super busy patterns (especially high contrasting colours).

What should I bring?

Gather props that can help illustrate what you do.

Try an bring a variety of items with a good mix of things you use in your everyday life and in your business.

Some  popular props include

  • laptops
  • phones
  • books
  • coffee cups/mugs
  • camera
  • products that you sell
  • a journal
  • flowers
  • notebooks/pens

What should I do about makeup and hair?

There’s nothing like getting a makeup artist and hairstylist to help get you looking great and feeling confident in front of the camera. The products that professional makeup artists use are photo friendly (so no weird flashbacks), we know how to pick colors that match and compliment your skintone, eyes and hair color.

Getting your makeup apply and your hair styled isn’t just about looking good – it’s about feeling great as well.

My gorgeous client Michaela from Empress Crow and Rabbit knows all about that, and had this to say

Once on a significant photo shoot, with multiple wardrobe changes and makeup and hair touchups, my confidence started to wobble. Sally saw through my false bravado and took me aside to give me the most loving pep talk Of. My. Life.
I went on to completely crush the shoot, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that without Sally’s care, kind words and genuine enthusiasm for my success. “

A makeup artist will help boost your confidence and the time that you spend with us can help you relax for the the awesome fun of the shoot that will follow.

If you are doing your own makeup keep your eye makeup fairly neutral – nothing too over the top or dramatic, and add a pop of color with your lipstick and blush. Your foundation should match perfectly, and please no glitter. Add lots of mascara, and consider adding some natural looking false lashes as well.

In the week leading up to your photoshoot it’s a great idea to visit your hairdresser for a trim, and to touch up your colour if you need to, and to have your brows shaped.

How can I look better in photos?

This is the big one, right?!?

Your photographer will help to direct you on how to pose during the photoshoot and will take photos to show your best angles but there’s a few things that you can practice beforehand.

Hands can often look awkward if we don’t have something to do. If in doubt grab a prop, or put a hand into your pocket or on your hip.

Smile with your eyes. A fake smile can always be spotted because the eyes and cheek muscles aren’t engaged. I know that I’m more likely to engage with someone who I find friendly and relatable – and isn’t the whole point of a business branding photoshoot to help nurture the “know, like and trust factor” of your business.

The most important thing to remember is to relax and have fun. Let the professionals help you create some amazing photos that you can use in your business for years to come

If you’d like to discuss makeup and hair services (and pep talks) for your next personal branding photoshoot contact me and I’ll be happy to help.
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Sally is a makeup artist, a beauty junkie and a coffee addict that loves finding new products and techniques and using them to give her clients an amazing experience – every time.

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