April 14, 2017

Group or Private Makeup Lesson

Glamtorials® Group Makeup Lessons

An Iridis Glamtorial® is free, group makeup lesson, where I teach you how to do your own makeup on your own gorgeous face.

Gather a minimum of 5 of your friends, (and a maximum of 10),  and I will bring everything I need to teach you all the Makeup Artist secrets to creating professional, gorgeous and easy makeup looks.

We will start by colour matching each guest and discussing their makeup needs. And then using Iridis brushes, makeup and lesson teaching tools, away we go to creating beautiful faces of makeup.

All you need to provide is a dining table to sit at to create Iridis Makeup Magic, and a few nibbles and drinks for your guests.

It’s that simple! You will even get free Iridis makeup as a thank you for hosting!

This is a hands-on workshop. Using Iridis’ unique step-by-step photos, you will follow along and apply makeup to your own face, and will be guided as you learn, so you reinforce the skills you’re learning onto your own gorgeous canvas.

Private Lesson

Is your makeup look getting tired? Could you really use an update? Or perhaps you’re in need of some new skills? Have you always wanted a makeup lesson but hate the idea of taking your makeup off in the middle of a busy store?

A 1.5 hour One-on-One makeup lesson in the privacy of your own home is the answer.

Walk away knowing how to create several looks to suit YOU.

All lessons start with a 15 minute makeup health check. Bring out your current makeup kit and we can discuss the suitability and uses of all your products.

In your fun, hands on lesson you will

  • Learn how to apply make-up for different occasions
  • Learn the tricks of the trade to highlight your best feature
  • Create a flattering and fresh go-to look to suit you, which can be applied quickly and easily
  • Learn how to choose and apply makeup to suit you.
  • Learn how to apply make-up that STAYS PUT ALL DAY.