What the F? Foundation, that is!

What the F?  Foundation, that is!
With so many foundations on the market it can be a nightmare to try and find one that works for you, especially under harsh retail store lighting. There are 4 main area that you need to consider when choosing a foundation
  1. Your skin type (do you tend to be oily, dry, normal or a combination of all)
  2. The coverage that you prefer
  3. The finish of the foundation (do you prefer a matte look or dewy look)?
  4. Do you want an SPF?
Once you’ve decided on the type of foundation that you need it’s time to select a colour – and can be tricky, so getting help from a professional can really help at this point. You’ll need to determine what the right shade is – are you fair, medium or deep skin toned? You will also need to pick the right undertone, and this is the part that can be difficult. Most people will have either pink, olive, yellow or neutral undertones. After you have decided on your formulation it’s time to test your choice. We do this by selecting several colours and putting a small amount on your face, chest and neck to make the correct colour choice – if you can’t see it on your skin it’s the right one! Once you have made a choice you should have it applied, then wear it around for awhile to make sure that it sits well on your skin and doesn’t oxidise (oxidising is when the foundation changes colour after a while). The best way to choose the right foundation is to have an expert do it for you! We can make sure that the foundation that you use will make you look amazing. If you need some help with foundation you can contact me through the website, by email or on 0414 428 083.
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