11 Ways To Keep Summer Makeup Fresh (Number 7 Is My Favourite)

11 Ways To Keep Summer Makeup Fresh (Number 7 Is My Favourite)

I love summer. The longer days. Parties. People just seem happier when it’s sunny (or maybe that’s just me).

What’s not so hot is foundation melting off, smeared liner and smudged lips.

Here are 11 of my top tips for summer.

1. Cleanse your skin properly

Asian skincare is huge right now, and one of the best techniques to come from it is the Double Cleansing Method.

Start off with an oil cleanser which will melt off your makeup, SPF, dirt and oils that have built up on your skin.  I’m currently obsessed with the Muji Oil Cleansing for sensitive skin.

Follow it up with a water based cleanser. I love Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution – just add some onto a cotton pad and wipe all traces of oil and dirt off.

2. Incorporate oils into your routine

The summer sun can cause skin to feel dry and dehydrated pretty quickly, so moisturising is a step I never miss.

I love using skin oils as part of my moisturising routine – either alone or by adding a few drops into my normal moisturiser. You don’t need much – 2 or 3 drops will do your whole face. If you don’t want to use an oil during the day just add a few drops into your night cream (and yes, we all should be using a night cream, but that’s a post for another day).

Here’s some suggestions for different skin conditions

Acne prone skin – Marula oil
Dry skin – Argan Oil
Oily skin – Grapeseed oil
Damaged skin – Blackcurrant oil

3. Use a hydration serum

Sukin Hydration

I’ve been testing out Sukin Purely Ageless Botanical Hydration Booster for the last few weeks and I’m impressed. Less is definitely more – I rub 2 drops into my face and neck and follow with my moisturiser. Any more than this and I start to resemble an oil slick.

4. Use sunscreen every day!

Speak to any dermatologist and they’ll tell you that the number one thing you can do to help the health of your skin is to use sun protection.

There are 2 types of sun protection – chemical or physical. A chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the UV radiation, and a physical sunscreen blocks the UV radiation.

Even if you are using skincare products that contain SPF it’s always best to use a stand alone product if you are going to be outside.

SPF can cause flashback, so if you are going anywhere there might be flash photography make sure you let your makeup artist know so the right products can be used.

5. Use a primer

So I don’t always apply a primer on my clients, but when it’s really hot it can definitely help If you want your foundation to last during the summer days invest in an oil free primer. A good primer will help minimise the appearance of fine lines and pores, will help your foundation go on more smoothly, and will help your makeup last longer. I like to use a mattifying primer on my t-zone in summer, along with a silicone primer on the rest of my face.

5. Use less products

Summer is all about gorgeous, natural, glowing skin. Find a light coverage foundation, a BB cream, or tinted moisturiser that you love. The aim is to have a ‘your skin but better’ look, so if you want to stop your makeup from creasing in the heat leave the heavier foundations for the cooler weather. You can use a concealer anywhere you might need to cover a blemish (look for a concealer that matches your skin color)

6. Grab your bronzer

When bronzer is done right you look like you’ve spent the last month basking on a beach in a tropical paradise. The best bronzers are not too shimmery, and definitely not orange, and are within a shade or two of your natural skin colour. Summer bronzer should be applied with a big fluffy brush to the areas of the face that the sun would naturally hit – along the cheekbones and temples, with a little dusting along your nose. Make sure that you tap off any excess from your brush before using it on your face.

7. Add some blush

Blush is basically a magic product that can make you look instantly younger and healthier. Sweep a small amount of powder blush on the apples of your cheeks. Use a tiny amount and build up to the right amount of coverage, and don’t forget to blend the edges up, and out and along the cheekbones.

8. Eye primer

A good eye primer can save summer makeup from disappearing in the heat. When I’m looking for an eye primer I want something that will help my shadow last all day, without creasing (so important for those of us with hooded eyes), and that will help intensify the eyeshadow color, so I don’t need to pack on as much eyeshadow.

9. Bright eyes

When it comes to summer eye makeup looks brighter colors can be a lot of fun. Try a light dusting of blue, green or pink on the lid and blend just above the crease line. For a summer worthy smokey eye swap out your blacks and greys with bronze, gold and copper, with browns and terracotta in the crease. Add some lashes and dance the night away.

10. Lips

If there’s a time for experimenting with bright colors it’s summer. When I’m talking to clients I often get them to choose a color that they are drawn to, but wouldn’t normally wear, and just give it a go. It’s amazing how the right bright pink lip can brighten the face, or a gorgeous red can enhance your eyes.

Leave the matte lipsticks at home, and opt for a more hydrating formula. To get a more natural looking application just tap the lipstick on your lips using a finger, blot and repeat until you get the intensity you want.

11. Blotting papers

This is one of my all time favourite products.  To get rid of oily shine in your t-zone blotting papers are the way to go. They draw the oil away from the skin, leaving it looking fresh, not slick. If you need to touch up your makeup blot gently (emphasis on gently) first, this will stop your powder from building up and looking cakey. Not all blotting papers are created equal.  While you can buy cheap papers I find that the cheap papers tend to move the makeup around, whereas the pricier ones, removes oil, dirt and shine without moving the makeup so that you look perfectly shine free.

I have not received any products or money for this article (I wish, ha).  I’ve purchased all of these products and love them all.  One day I may apply for some affiliate links, and if I do I’ll be sure to let you all know

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